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“Knowing that the name would be widely displayed and not just used as a login credential would prevent people from being stuck with unfortunate names like SuperStud on a professional site.”
From Workflow Expectations: Presenting Steps at the Right Time, an Alertbox from Jakob Nielsen. Good article on the importance of holistic design and good timing.

posted by ted 2 days ago

I appreciated both 37Signals and Jeff Croft’s take on why and why not to use Photoshop or a visual comp as part of a prototype workflow. Jeff makes excellent points that established patterns, maturity of a product, and the client’s ability to visualize all influence the need for or lack of a high fidelity visual prototype.

posted by emmy on Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008

Nice article from Jakob Nielsen comparing and contrasting Progressive and Staged Disclosure as ways to manage complexity and keep things simple for most of your users most of the time. But honestly Jakob—take it easy on the bold text!

posted by ted on Monday, Dec 04, 2006