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posted by kaleb on Thursday, Jan 31, 2008

This little screen from amazon.com has a question that is difficult to answer. Why is there no “I did not contact the seller?” If I happen to click on an answer without actually reading it (like I would do that), there is no undo.

posted by pete on Sunday, Oct 14, 2007

Anyone paying attention to the new Wired.com designs? They’ve changed it up quite a bit in recent weeks, responding to user feedback (read: horror) and trying some new things. Lame “BETA” tag on the site too. My take: I love the site above the fold, but the massive list of Wired blog posts (based on Dave Winer’s River of News concept) is just plain ugly. This screen shot puts it into perspective.
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posted by jason on Tuesday, Apr 03, 2007

Excellent set of 10×10px greyscale web icons from BrandSpankingNew. Others we use here include Famfamfam and Nuvola. I have a serious icon problem.

posted by jason on Thursday, Dec 14, 2006

Luke W throws a 1-2 punch with Packaging Design for Web-based Products over at Digital (you get to work with Gilbert Lee?!) Web and The Complexity of Simplicity at the very purple UX Matters. Read them or die.

posted by jason on Tuesday, Dec 05, 2006