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Check out this 1:35 advertisement for Halo 3, featuring a full Halo 3 situation in miniature form, complete with dramatic piano music. Think video games are for nerds, John? With epic titles out now like Gears of War, Bioshock and now Halo 3 due in a few weeks, the video game industry is outpacing the web and cinema with unparalleled art direction and creative genius. Take note.

posted by jason on Friday, Sep 14, 2007

Facinating article in Wired magazine called Halo 3: How Microsoft Labs Invented a New Science of Play. Wired takes a close look at Bungie Studios, the makers of the massively huge Halo video game series, and how the Microsoft-owned company utilizes state of the art usability labs to test their video games. It appears Bungie is following some principles of the agile software development methodology, with constant revision and tweaking in response to an extremely detailed look into how players move through the game. It’s obvious the games would be nothing if not tested this way. Pretty interesting look into how video games are designed and refined.

posted by jason on Saturday, Sep 01, 2007

Spore has been finished.

posted by jason on Wednesday, Aug 22, 2007

Comparison of the rendering capabilities of the three Unreal video game engines.

posted by jason on Monday, Aug 20, 2007

Attention gaming nerds (the only acceptable nerdery, if you ask me): go stock up on some Mountain Dew Game Fuel, a new concoction of orange and cherry Dew, and the official drink of Halo 3. Oh yes. The drink is only out for a few weeks leading up to the launch of Halo 3 on September 25. The game has presold over 1 million copies already, and this is but one of the dozens of products you’ll see it on. But sorry Wiiboys, you’ll soon be able to drink a Halo 3 slurpee but you won’t be playing it on that Nintendo.

posted by jason on Thursday, Aug 09, 2007