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Public Gothic is a new gothic font by Antrepo with 4 fantastic variations, and it’s free.

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posted by jason on Friday, Aug 22, 2008

New from TypeTrust: Epic. Beautiful.

posted by cameron on Friday, Dec 21, 2007

Punchcut founders Jared Benson and Joe Pemberton recently chaired Typophile Film Fest 4 in San Francisco. Both Brigham Young University alumni, it’s no surprise they turned to BYU’s graphic design program to create the opening titles for the event, the result of which are nothing short of stunning.

posted by cameron on Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007

Arial or Helvetica?

Prove your typographical know-how with the Arial or Helvetica test. I got 8/10. (If you have no clue, the differences between Arial and Helvetica are explained in a link at the bottom of the page. Check it out.)

posted by randy on Saturday, Oct 20, 2007