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“It’s no use spending time, money, or effort to entice people into a product or service if it just leads to a bad experience. Why? Because those people you carefully encouraged and nudged into your circle? They go right back into the cloud, spreading the news about their bad experience.”
Hear hear!
Mark Hurst’s advice when clients want to spend time and money leveraging Facebook, Twitter, other social media, and advertising—before they have built a good experience for those masses they are trying to attract.

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“Twitter time passes 10 times faster than email time.”
Another notable quote from Nielsen’s message on Twitter postings, noting that compared to email advertising, which continues to generate clicks for several days, Twitter “shows a drastically steeper decay function: lots of clicks the first few minutes, and then almost none.” This means, among other things, that Tweets are impacted far more negatively than email by differences in timezone…

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“Twitterative Design”

Jakob Nielsen recently ran a Twitter post through 5 rounds of iterative design to get the impact he wanted. At first blush I was thinking, “That sounds like a lot of effort to optimize a Tweet!” But if you are using twitter as a marketing medium, I guess it makes sense. (Far as I can tell, these were just design rounds; he wasn’t running a user study or anything.)

See his article for lessons learned in each round, from concision to focus, impact, and re-tweetability. (There, I’m making up new words right and left.)

He finishes the article with a notable quote: “Text is a UI. It’s a common mistake to think that only full-fledged graphical user interfaces count as interaction design and deserve usability attention. ... In fact, the shorter it is, the more important it is to design text for usability.”

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“Tweet happens.”
Overheard in scrum this morning, in discussing whether Twitter would be a good way to keep an extended team in the loop.

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In attempting to delete a Twitter account this morning I got the following message. Not my desired outcome, but somehow I think I’m ok with it. I don’t want to be adding to anyone’s stress.

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Today I give up Twitter and go back to reading blogs, talking with friends, and paying attention to life instead of tweeting it.

What I have gained from using Twitter? An amazing ability to write brusquely in 140 characters or less, and a timeline of my thoughts and experiences over the last six months. The timeline is the most valuable, but being brusque is a skill I’d rather not have.

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#ldsconf is the biggest trend on twitter right now.. pretty interesting to read responses to General Conference in real time.

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Thanks to Aaron The NorthTemple Twitterfeed is up and running. Be notified of new posts on NorthTemple through your twitter account.

If you are already suffering from Twitter addiction, we know you can’t resist. If you are not yet addicted, we can only offer a serious warning (more on Twitter’s addictive nature to follow).

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text vs font in CSS properties

A question came up today that when floated around to a few people we didn’t have a good answer, so I thought I’d toss it out to the interwebs. Is there any rhyme or reason for the separation of CSS properties that start with FONT and those that start with TEXT (including a few others like color, line-height, etc). For reference here is W3C’s pages on font and text.

Since we don’t have a method for easy response at the moment I’ve created a NorthTemple twitter account to provide your abbreviated responses. As an aside, several of the team here have started twittering recently, and so we may use this NorthTemple account for other stuff in the future. Follow us and wait in eager anticipation for that future day =)

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