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“Great ideas can’t be tested.
Only mediocre ideas can be tested.”
Legendary advertising icon George Lois, from the t-shirt series
The Ten Commandments of George Lois.

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Your grandaddy and mine, Gilbert Lee – not from Tokyo, as previously thought, has launched AROUND SHIRTS – a sweet collection of hand-drawn, water-color-designed, screen-printed tshirts. Each shirt features the name of a rad city that Gilbert wasn’t born in – Beijing, London, LA, etc. No seriouz, the shirts are awesome and his site has some nice little hand-drawn touches that make it awesome.

Also please note, the photo above may or may not be the real Gilbert Lee.

Now go buy a NYC tshirt.

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Rock Star, for Pete. Also available in Alien, Robot, and Rick.

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Another ingenious Coudal product. An “in Chicago for Chicago” tshirt for the undefeated Chicago Bears. The site is called Sixteen Straight, and embodies the hopes of every football fan in early fall. Ships with an orange sharpie, a 16 button, and only comes in XL, 2XL, and S for your kids. Only $16! (via a Gaper’s Block ad)

posted by jason on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2006