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MacRabbit, the maker of CSSEdit, has introduced a new web development tool called Espresso. While I’m a Coda man, and many around the office here use TextMate, I’m glad to see another good option on the horizon. It certainly looks promising. (Via Pedro.)

posted by clifton on Friday, Sep 19, 2008 · 7 comments

This may be old news, but somehow I missed it until yesterday. Rails 2.0 released last month. The closet Rails dev I pretend to be in my spare time is jumping for joy. NetBeans 6.0 also released last month. Normally, this is just news to the Java crowd, but this release integrates support for Ruby and Rails development. The support includes code completion, integrated debugger, integrated source control, and more. It has me seriously considering switching from TextMate for Rails development.

posted by tadd on Thursday, Jan 03, 2008

Are you using Textmate yet?

I am shocked to realize that a few on our team have not been introduced to the goodness that is Textmate. Yes, it seems pretty vanilla at first. But oh man.

Check out this list of screencasts about all the wonders of Textmate.

Specifically, for your prototyping needs, watch this screencast about ultrafast ways to code and edit HTML with Textmate.

Get on the bus! This is the best $50 I’ve spent on software. Ever.

posted by jason on Friday, Nov 10, 2006