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Sunrise just before work. Riverton, Utah.

posted by ted 6 hours ago

I found the silver lining to my new phone…
It’s been a tough adjustment to lose my Blackberry (sorry Joel, that’s the facts), but I do like having a decent camera (for a phone cam anyway) ready on-hand to catch the occasional sunrise. This one is over American Fork Canyon, snapped by my son as I was driving him to school. (Hope that doesn’t violate Church policy :-)

posted by ted on Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009

Sun rising over Mount TImpanogos this morning, as I drove to the Sunday morning session of the Church’s semi-annual General Conference with my son and daughter. Photo by my son.

Most of the talks are already posted in at least MP3 format. Nice work AV Department!

posted by ted on Sunday, Apr 05, 2009

The sun breaking over Mount Timpanogos this morning.
It seemed an appropriate introduction to this morning’s brainstorming session on how the Church might use the Internet to its fullest potential.

posted by ted on Monday, Apr 21, 2008

Sunrise in Salt Lake.
It’s been a while since we’ve posted something about God’s handiwork, so here’s a beautiful sunrise coming over the Wasatch Mountains captured by my sister Katie on her way home from the late shift. Way to keep an eye out and a camera handy, Sis…

posted by ted on Wednesday, Mar 26, 2008

“Did God make that???”
My daughter, asking about an amazing Utah County sunrise this morning

posted by ted on Wednesday, Oct 17, 2007

General Conference Morning,
and the cloud is on the mountain…

posted by ted on Saturday, Oct 06, 2007