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Design Lesson:
Shovel Smart, Soon, and Often

Here in Northtemple Land, as in many parts of the United States, we’ve received slightly more than our fair share of precipitation in the last week. I have a long driveway to deal with and no snow blower (something I may need to remedy this year with Grandma’s Christmas check). The combination of heavy snow and a long driveway has resulted in an inordinate amount of time spent outside, with nothing to do but shovel and think.

What I’ve learned: Shovel smart, shovel soon, and shovel often. And what’s more, I think this applies to design as well as driveways, and maybe to any problem-solving effort.

posted by ted on Friday, Dec 26, 2008 · 4 comments

Snowdrifts from a recent snow storm in Riverton, Utah. Perfect homecoming for my brother, returning from two years in Hawaii.

posted by emmy on Sunday, Feb 17, 2008

A White Christmas in Utah County.
An already white Christmas Eve got three or four inches whiter last night. (Mount Timpanogos.)

posted by ted on Tuesday, Dec 25, 2007

Sunday morning snow,
left by those awesome clouds yesterday.
A chilly but beautiful morning for General Conference.
(Text of the conference talks will be available in English by Thursday, by the way, with other media formats and languages following within a few weeks. As Gilbert and I noted last April, what a technological and literal miracle!)

posted by ted on Sunday, Oct 07, 2007

First snow on Timpanogos, from my deck in Utah County

posted by ted on Saturday, Sep 16, 2006