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Visiting with Rob a few days ago about our role as experience architects, he mentioned that we are creators and that our work is to lead people.

My first thoughts when he said those words were about Heavenly Father: how He is the Master Creator and how His entire work is centered around leading people. As our Father, he is the ultimate architect, crafting experiences—such as our lives on this Earth—to lead us and to guide us so that we may become like Him and return Home to live with Him again. I then thought of His Son, Jesus Christ, and how He completed the largest and most significant design project in the history of this world when he lead and orchestrated it’s creation.

posted by wade on Sunday, Nov 02, 2008 · 1 comment

What does quality feel like online?

When you shut the door of a new BMW, you hear a gratifyingly solid-sounding thug. It feels good to pick up a small, unassuming digital camera, only to find that it is surprisingly sturdy and heavy. Many companies who make physical objects use fine materials and many other techniques to give their products a sense of quality and craftsmanship.

I have noticed in a world of cheep plastic and sloppy details feeling a nicely hand crafted object brings me much gratification and sometimes even endears me to an object. Consequently, I have been wondering how can we create those same experiences Online? Or, what does quality feel like Online?

We’re researching for an upcoming Journal article on quality in web design, and we need your input. What are some examples of quality that you’ve designed or found?

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“The good type designer realises that, for a good new fount to be successful, it has to be so good that only a few recognise its novelty.”
Stanley Morrison, designer of Times Roman
(via The Foundry)

posted by sam on Friday, Oct 19, 2007