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“Users pay attention to information-carrying images that show content that’s relevant to the task at hand. And users ignore purely decorative images that don’t add real content to the page. So much fluff — of which there’s too much already on the Web.”
Some great advice in the latest Alertbox on using photos and images effectively, especially in e-commerce.

posted by ted on Monday, Nov 01, 2010

My dad and uncle settling their differences. One of the hundreds of wonderful photos my parents just gave to us. I had never seen most of these. It’s a treasure trove. Where are your family photos? Are they safe? Are they digital? Are they shared?

posted by tadd on Wednesday, Aug 22, 2007

Cape Flattery
One of my favorite spots to get Inspiration of all kinds, design and otherwise—and one of the places I’ll be visiting over the next two weeks. Others include Kalaloch and possibly the arches along the Washington coast. I love Natural Design! See you on the other side!

posted by ted on Saturday, Jun 30, 2007

Check out picnik. That is one impressive flash app. Great first-time user experience. I love the big, attractive, clearly labeled buttons, the undo, the flickr integration and the simplicity. Not only online apps can learn from this, but some desktops apps can too.

posted by tadd on Saturday, Mar 03, 2007

Pretty cool to see there are 4,654 photos in flickr tagged with “LDS” from all over the world.

posted by gilbert on Sunday, Aug 27, 2006