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I found the silver lining to my new phone…
It’s been a tough adjustment to lose my Blackberry (sorry Joel, that’s the facts), but I do like having a decent camera (for a phone cam anyway) ready on-hand to catch the occasional sunrise. This one is over American Fork Canyon, snapped by my son as I was driving him to school. (Hope that doesn’t violate Church policy :-)

posted by ted on Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009 · 5 comments

When I first started reading this review of the Blackberry Bold, the home screen UI looked promising. But the further you scroll down and the deeper you dive into the OS, it starts feeling too much like File System Land.

It’s almost as if the designers only had time to make a good-looking home screen so that the phone would sell well (and meet the obligatory marketing requirement of looking iPhone-ish). The rest of the phone’s OS ungracefully degrades the further you explore.
(via Jared).

posted by clifton on Friday, Aug 15, 2008 · 1 comment

Ars Technica has an article today titled Report: Mobile Internet use has reached “critical mass”. “Using the Internet from mobile devices is a lot more popular than some of us realize, and even more surprising is the fact that the US leads the pack when it comes to mobile Internet usage… It should be noted, however, that while the US may lead in mobile Internet use, other countries lead in terms of mobile being the primary way that their population gets online. In Russia, Brazil, and India, mobile lines far outnumber landlines, and as those countries continue to flourish, they will become a greater driving force in mobile Internet use.” The article also talks about which devices are most commonly used to browse the web, and the top device is probably not what you’d guess.

posted by cannona on Wednesday, Jul 09, 2008

Ars Technica is reporting that the new version of Google Maps for mobile (version 2.0) is now able to triangulate a users approximate location, even if they don’t have a GPS receiver. This will undoubtedly help make some of our planned mobile apps much more valuable to more users. A demo video is also available.

posted by cannona on Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007