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“Three lessons on what’s really important,” from Good Experience:

  1. “How important are you? Just ask a customer.” Great anecdote about Google asking people what a “browser” is…
  2. “Accept your unimportance. It may help.” If you believe you are the center of the universe, then you’ve just created a very small universe for yourself.
  3. “When people start believing their own hype, run.” Cites those “in the know” before the financial meltdown… who appeared to be in the “not-know” after all.

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In honor of the New Year and the value of a proper perspective on work, life, family, and faith, I re-post this link to my thoughts on
the temple and professional development.

posted by ted on Monday, Jan 07, 2008

Perspective makes all the difference.
This shot is from the bluff above the beaches just north of Shi Shi, on the Olympic Coast. The rock in the water to the right (overlapped by the tree) is the same as the left thumb in a previous post. That previous post, as well as those involved in the composite shot also posted earlier (and touched up by Chris, thank you very much), were all taken from the saddle to the left side of the picture, near the large outcropping with the tree on top. And I won’t bore you with the boatload of other portraits, panoramas, and other photos I took from that same spot— each as different from the others as these three are.

When confronting a potential problem or possibility, it’s a good idea to get multiple angles on it before you announce that you really understand it. The more perspectives you experience, the more complete the picture.

posted by ted on Friday, Nov 02, 2007

Arch along the Olympic Coast
Getting perspective is about seeing where you came from, as well as where you’re going. I find this is as true in design as it is in life.

posted by ted on Wednesday, Nov 15, 2006