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I liked this article on Breaking the UX Status Quo. Some good thoughts on enlivening various design deliverables by integrating personas and related information throughout.

posted by ted 16 hours ago

“There are many recipes for great personas, yet the teams decide to take shortcut, skip steps, or just plain do something that doesn’t make sense. They don’t follow the recipe. Then they complain when the project doesn’t turn out well.”
From a great article by Jared Spool titled
5 Ways To Suck Value Away From Your Persona Projects.
Very timely as I gear up to train a team on creating personas.

posted by ted on Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011

37 Signals gets real about using personas, or should I say “not using personas” in the design process.

posted by john on Tuesday, Nov 06, 2007

“Personas are perhaps the best tool in the user-centered design toolbox for communicating empathy — they feel like real people with real concerns, and when crafted well, can transfer insights realized through research to other members of the project team. [Consequently] I get riled up when I see persona deliverables that diminish the reader’s capacity for empathy.”
the key phrase being, “when crafted well…” . From Adaptive Path.

posted by ted on Friday, Mar 23, 2007