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Here’s another teaser of some of the new stuff coming for This screen is part of the music section.

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My attempt at making a web site look like the logo-plastered walls of any corner store in Guatemala. Also my attempt at Latin Alternative Rock. Listen here.

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case study

The Case Against Using Your Head

I’m an amateur singer-songwriter when I’m not at work or asleep (let’s say for now that they’re mutually exclusive), and for the last few years I’ve been writing and performing material with different bands, duos, and on my own. Throughout that time I’ve tried different things to get my songs from pen and paper to studio and stage. It’s a typical creative process – start with an idea, work, work, work, end with a performance or a recording or both. For the longest time, my process for getting from point A (“Mmmm…good idea…”) to point B (“We’re going to play a song for you called…”) was pretty straightforward.

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A post from Ryan Sims audio tumble. He takes a song and produces some great typography to portray the meaning of the song while using the color scheme from the album cover. The above is a line from Along the Road” by Radical Face

Good Design. Good Music.

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Where the Wild Things Are trailer, with the track “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire.

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Pitchfork’s posted 51-100 of their 100 Best Tracks of 2008. This isn’t only a great list, they’ve finally added handy little MP3 players to hear or download tracks on the list. I guarantee you haven’t heard of over half of these artists. Go explore and find some new faves.

My tops: The Veronicas (87), Justice (76), Sigur Rós (71), The Whitest Boy Alive (64), Q-Tip (61), and some freakin’ Vampire Weekend at 56.

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You’d do yourself right to pick up this new offering from mountain folkster Ray LaMontagne, called Gossip in the Grain. It’s the 3rd CD of his in high rotation around here, following Trouble and Till the Sun Turns Back.

He’s packed this thing full of his trademark raspy soul, with some upbeat funk thrown in (“You are the best thing”), a full out confession of love to Meg White (“Meg White”), a little banjo plucking action (“Hey me, hey mama”), and some heel-tappin’ blues, complete with reverb’d harmonica (“Henry nearly killed me [It’s a shame]”).

You need this. Buy now and save yourself future embarassment.

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CD cover for Focus Jazz, designed by Barral Fabien

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Reckoner Lockdown – a DJ Earworm mashup of Kanye and Radiohead. Both Chris and Sam should love this one.

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Sometimes when I work, I like to play a little music in the background. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Jonathan Coulton. However, other times, when I want something a little more relaxing, I put on Solo Piano Radio. What internet stream or artist do you enjoy while working

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“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
Jazz composer and bassist, Charles Mingus

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New Apple iPod Nano ad, featuring the song “Bruises” by Chairlift.

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Ok now I’m sold on the new thumbnail layout in iTunes 8.

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Watching a HD music channel the other night, I stumbled upon some random UK music festival that featured tons of bands I’ve never heard of, with prolly 30,000 people singing to every one of them. These guys were there, and was a rare gem in that mess of UK love. Paolo Nutini, singing a catchy tune about how much he loves new shoes (and it’s a true story). Apparently this guy’s been around for a while, but it’s news to me. Regardless, I can dig.

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This is slightly old news, but it’s still sounding fresh over here where I’m from. Hip hop producer Amplive, known in my book for his work with Del the Funky Homosapien (best rap name ever), remixed a few tracks from our darling Radiohead’s In Rainbows, and got permission from Radiohead to release it free, yo. You can download Rainydayz Remixes here and take a peek for yourselfz. Thanks to Kurt for the hookupz.

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What are you listening to?

I’m settled in today for a day of writing and analysis, and I need some good music. This weekend I’ve been on a Stadium Arcadium kick, and my recent tastes have varied from Blackalicious to Vampire Weekend.

What are you listening to? What you got? Link it up.

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Love this. Maybe I need to quit making websites and just focus on posters.

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I’m so sick of lame little birds.

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Are you seriously not listening to the Submarines yet?
The first taste is free: KCRW · Facebook · iTunes.

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The 2008 Twilight Concert Series Lineup has a few awesome names, and it’s free to boot. Josh Ritter, the Roots, De La Soul. Thanks for the tip, WesternDave.

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