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LDS Maps is now live in 16 languages! The site should detect the browser language automatically, or if you want to poke around, there is a language selector at the bottom of the screen. Most of the work for this minor release was on the dev and translation teams, but props are due to Aaron Barker for helping define a new standard for language selection and Rob Foster for the soon-to-be-universal (?) language icon.

Update: Larry Richman provides some additional info about the release, including how to link to a specific language-version of the site.

posted by ted on Monday, Dec 22, 2008 · 11 comments

Finally, there’s something we can show you that some of our designers worked on. A new and improved way to find a chapel:

posted by clifton on Friday, Aug 22, 2008 · 2 comments

Street View is now available in Salt Lake City. Time to go looking for fun local sites. Update: See other temples along the wasatch front.

posted by aaron on Wednesday, Feb 13, 2008

Beware—if you like maps or data visualization in general, you could waste a lot of time at Strange Maps.

posted by ted on Sunday, Feb 10, 2008

Ars Technica is reporting that the new version of Google Maps for mobile (version 2.0) is now able to triangulate a users approximate location, even if they don’t have a GPS receiver. This will undoubtedly help make some of our planned mobile apps much more valuable to more users. A demo video is also available.

posted by cannona on Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007

If my Parallels installation wasn’t hosed by my recent “upgrade”... I would be downloading Microsoft’s Location Finder right now. Sounds very cool—locate yourself on a map using Wi-Fi triangulation, or IP lookups if Wi-Fi is unavailable. Looks like a free download.

posted by ted on Thursday, Sep 20, 2007