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While Apple has a healthy amount of attention on profit, product features, and competition, they seemed to pause this week to make a clear statement about their company. Steve Jobs passed around a Macbook chassis in their media event and Jony Ive, SVP of Design, emphasized careful craftsmanship in their product showcase. Apple has communicated what drives their company. They, the CEO and his fellow business-minded executives, respect the balance of form and function and embrace beauty and innovation. They notice nuances and foster a culture of design excellence. Leaders that love design are the foundation of an experience-driven organization.

posted by clifton on Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008 · 6 comments

Who you callin’ “fat”?

Un-boxing photos of the Macbook Air and a comparison against a competitor.

posted by clifton on Wednesday, Jan 23, 2008

High-quality photos of the new MacBook Air from various angles. Oh, and apparently MacBook Air battery replacements take only minutes.

posted by tadd on Friday, Jan 18, 2008

Thanks to Michelle, my macbook has a fever! Speck’s SeeThru laptop cover offers 74 bottom vents, keeping the Macbook a cool 104 degrees. Seven color choices are available, including my favorite, pink.

posted by emmy on Friday, Nov 02, 2007