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“A lot of these guys take themselves a little bit too serious. Let’s see, a teacher, policeman, fireman, doctor, and somebody who’s in the service. I truly believe those are the only five real jobs in the world. Everybody else should just shut up and enjoy life. There’s five legitimate jobs in life.”
Charles Barkley (slightly edited)
on LeBron James and the NBA in general

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Google further cements its overlord status by making millions of LIFE magazine photos available for search. How about those Mormons?

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Slice-of-life photo series of people & their breakfasts by Jon Huck.
via kottke.

posted by sam on Wednesday, Oct 17, 2007

“The abnormality of our time, that which makes it contrary to nature, is its deliberate and stated determination to make the working life of men & the product of their working hours mechanically perfect, and to relegate all the humanities, all that is of its nature humane, to their spare time, to the time when they are not at work.”
Eric Gill, in “An Essay on Typography (1936)”, describes the situation of the working man in the Industrial age. His description seems to paint a pretty good picture for where we are today (80 years later).

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The Love Loaf

My mother-in-law gave my wife and I a bread maker when we got married. We were happily baking bread one day when we sliced open this loaf and found a little surprise inside. Of course, we had to preserve the moment in pictures.

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“You can never get enough of that which does not satisfy.”
Bernard Poduska, one of my wife’s favorite professors, commenting on how important it is to seek the right things in life

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“It is the spectrum, not the color, that makes color worth having, and it is the cycle, not the instant, that makes the day worth living.”
Unknown source, qtd by Richard Saul Wurman in Information Anxiety

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