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I realize this is pretty lame, but my favorite new feature of OS X Leopard is that the dock icon for iCal shows today’s date. Without opening it. Yes, I was one of those who liked to have iCal running just to see the correct date in the dock. No more! Funny, those little things that make you smile.

posted by jason on Monday, Jan 07, 2008

Perhaps the most heartfelt post-it I have ever seen. Guess I should get it installed! (Clifton, you put more polish into most of your emails than many people put into their finished interfaces! Knock it off dude, you make us look bad…)

posted by ted on Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007

Leopard: First Impressions

I received our family edition of Leopard last Friday (as promised by the online Apple store) and promptly installed it on three of our computers. Here are my initial thoughts after 3 days of Leopard in the house. As always first impressions are subject to change without notice as more experience, information, and software updates are available.

The Best The Good Yeah, Whatever The Bad The Ugly Stuff I’m excited about, but haven’t gotten to yet:

posted by tadd on Monday, Oct 29, 2007

We’re all anxiously waiting for the mailman here today. It’s Leopard Launch Day at Apple today. 300 features of new love. Oh yeah!

posted by tadd on Friday, Oct 26, 2007