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My son’s latest art work. Not as drippy as his previous attempt but digital is a different medium. The mineral spirits didn’t seem to work this time.

Since the size isn’t obvious, that’s an 8 month old 42 in LCD. He took a hammer (the remote) to it for some odd reason.

I swear he is a good kid. Apparently he just needs more creative outlets.

posted by aaron on Monday, Sep 08, 2008 · 5 comments

“It is amazing what you can get a kid to do for an Otter Pop.”
My Wife

posted by ted on Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008

Monster Engine. Making fantastic paintings from kids’ drawings. One of my favorites.

posted by foster on Tuesday, Jun 03, 2008

You know when, as a parent, there are those quiet times when you wonder if your kids are getting into trouble? Yes… yes they are.

Thankfully all came clean with some mineral spirits and some elbow grease. I still love you Dallin!... barely ;)

posted by aaron on Tuesday, May 13, 2008

““I don’t have a sick kind of cold; just a normal kind of cold.””
My 4 year old, Max. He didn’t have a cold at all; he had a delightfully productive bout with the stomach flu.

posted by joel on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007

“This scores a trifecta as a dad’s solution: it was ugly, effective, and required a trip to the hardware store.”
Asha Dornfest at Parent Hacks talking about using tie down straps to keep kids from getting up on the table (you tie the chairs together, not tie down the kids)

posted by aaron on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2007

Behold your little ones This weekend the User Experience group got together for a team picnic. Yeah… there were lots of kids. 52 in this picture, plus another dozen or so that wouldn’t cooperate due to age (young and old) and another dozen or so not attending.

posted by aaron on Friday, Aug 31, 2007

“You mean you pay for everything? I love girl’s preference!”
my son Mason, 16, on the phone planning his first date

posted by tadd on Monday, Nov 06, 2006