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“It’s much harder to understand complicated information when you’re reading through a peephole.”
From Jakob Nielsen’s latest Alertbox on research into
comprehension on iPhone-sized displays.
His conclusion: “[W]ebsites … must design a separate mobile version for optimal usability. Specifically, complicated content should be rewritten to be shorter, with secondary information deferred to subsidiary pages.”
Worth the maintenance of separate content for desktop and mobile?

posted by ted 4 days ago

“We just shipped it on Saturday.
And then we rested on Sunday.”
Product management 101, courtesy of Steve Jobs. In last week’s iPhone Q&A session, he answered whether Apple had “veered away from widgets on the iPad.” Prodded further with “So widgets are possible?”, Steve responded, “Everything is possible.”

posted by jason on Monday, Apr 12, 2010

Clifton, I found some keychains that would be perfect for you! :^)

posted by rick on Thursday, Feb 04, 2010

iPhone loverz, here’s a nice set of non-obvious tips & tricks.

posted by jason on Wednesday, Dec 10, 2008

News coming out of Winnetka, IL, today:

Police: iPhone Left In Hot Car For Three Hours

This normally peaceful suburban town is still reeling following the news Monday that a local resident, whose name is being withheld by police pending a full investigation, left an iPhone unattended for more than three hours in a car parked in the hot sun.

“Responding to calls from concerned passersby, who observed the iPhone sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot of the Westfield Shopping Center, police arrived on the scene at approximately 4 p.m. and immediately intervened to save the device,” said Winnetka police chief Douglas Blaine. “Security cameras have shown that the iPhone had been in the car—with the doors locked and the windows rolled up—since 1 p.m. Due to the tragic and highly emotional nature of this case, we cannot say any more at this time.”

Full story at the Onion (via).

posted by jason on Monday, Oct 06, 2008

“There are two types of people in the world:
those who can’t tell the difference between
Arial and Helvetica, and those who despise Arial.”
Grubing Fireball, on the new iPhone-ready Flickr.

posted by jason on Wednesday, Oct 01, 2008

“That was soooo easy.”
My wife’s surprised expression to herself while adding the first contact to her 3G iPhone in the car on the way to Ogden.

posted by chris_mayfield on Wednesday, Jul 16, 2008

K, you must check out the iPhone Software Roadmap Keynote. One word: Spore!

posted by tadd on Thursday, Mar 06, 2008

iPhone in Enterprise. Exchange ActiveSync support, push email, push contacts, push calendar, global address list, certs and identities, wpa2/802.1x, enforced security policies, more vpn protocols, device config and remote wipe. My baby is going to grow up big this year!

posted by tadd on Thursday, Mar 06, 2008

“To clarify, add detail. And, clutter and overload are not an attribute of information: they are failures of design.
If the information is in chaos, don’t start throwing out information. Instead, fix the design.
Edward Tufte at the end of a video on iPhone Screen Design

posted by sam on Wednesday, Jan 23, 2008

The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry is a fun read on a little of the history behind the iPhone.

posted by tadd on Thursday, Jan 10, 2008

Here, at last, is the iPhone feature you have been waiting for. Yes, the GameBoy Advanced emulator is cool, but they’ve got the Hello Kitty game! :)

posted by clifton on Wednesday, Nov 14, 2007

Adobe Photoshop CS3 for the iPhone, from DF

posted by emmy on Monday, Sep 24, 2007

Huzzah! iUnlock, the first free, open source iPhone SIM unlock software.

posted by cameron on Wednesday, Sep 12, 2007

“...it took almost two years to achieve this milestone with iPod…”
Steve Jobs commenting on the sale of the 1 millionth iPhone in just 74 days

posted by john on Monday, Sep 10, 2007

This is why Apple has such loyal customers.

posted by foster on Thursday, Sep 06, 2007

A claim that one line of code can optimize your site for viewing on the iPhone. Also see side discussion on Geek & Mild.

posted by ted on Tuesday, Jul 31, 2007

In my desperate optimism, I make some predictions regarding the rumored iPhone Nano. Something has to come along that’s easier on the wallet.

posted by clifton on Friday, Jul 27, 2007

If you’re as lucky as Tadd to own an iPhone, hop on over to the Scriptures for iPhone. (thanks Richard)

posted by cameron on Tuesday, Jul 10, 2007

iPhone: First Impressions

I’ve been using an iPhone for just over a week now and just can’t resist sharing my two cents. First, a personal note. I spent three years working on mobile device software. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to dream up “the next big things” in mobile devices. To be blunt, I never even came close to imagining something as cool and amazing as the iPhone, let alone designing, building and shipping it. Honestly, this device just humbles me. Even though this device is far from perfect, it still defines the terms “Innovation” and “Revolutionary”. Webster is updating his dictionary as I type. So here’s my pros and cons after my first week of iPhone.



There’s definitely some v1-ness here, especially with regards to corporate scenarios. But I still love the device and no way am I giving it up. This is classic Apple. They give you so much to love that its easy to overlook and live with the flaws. I mean who cares that Safari crashed again, I’m flipping through album covers with my finger here!

posted by tadd on Monday, Jul 09, 2007