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“There’s a common misconception that visual design’s role is only to provide a pleasing veneer on the page. In fact, visual design’s big role is to boost overall communication.”
From Jared Spool’s recent article on the interplay between good visual design, IA, and content design. He also argues that to really succeed, it is better to have people who are strong in all three areas, not just specialists who are good at just one of them. I think I agree.

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“Simplicity is often responsible for the ‘dumbing’ of information rather than the illumination of it.”
Michael Hoffman speaking on the difference between simplicity and clarity

posted by kaleb on Monday, May 12, 2008

Beautiful URLs like omniti.com/is/hiring are some of the small details that Jon Tan and Chris Shiflett worked on for a redesign for OmniTI.
Which reminds me, northtemple.com/is/hiring.

posted by emmy on Thursday, Apr 24, 2008