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IKEA to purchase GM.
Some assembly required.

Via an email whose ultimate source and reliability I was unable to verify. But regardless of veracity, nice job laying out all those parts!

posted by ted on Friday, Aug 14, 2009 · 4 comments

I gotta get my 15 year old one of these target alarm clocks… “In Quick Shot mode you have to pull off five perfect shots within 3 minutes. Time mode is a battle for speed each morning to see how quickly you can wake up, react, and blast the target away.” Hopefully after that he’ll be too alert to get back to sleep!

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Lessons learned when working with creatives.

posted by kaleb on Sunday, Oct 26, 2008 · 1 comment

In the beginning there was NCSA Mosaic, and Mosaic called itself NCSA_Mosaic/2.0 (Windows 3.1), and Mosaic displayed pictures along with text, and there was much rejoicing.

A funny look at how the convoluted user-agent strings of today came to be. History of the browser user-agent string (Hat tip: Kaleb)

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“It’s mostly a matter of attention span…”
Bea, commenting on the difference between a business analyst and an interaction designer. Or something like that. I stopped paying attention…

posted by ted on Tuesday, Jul 22, 2008

Return of the Search Logs

A funny thing happened on the way to the search engine… Our latest batch of interesting North Temple search hits:

And one of our current favorites:

posted by ted on Thursday, May 08, 2008

Frivolous, but very useful if you are doing the website for the latest Marilyn Monroe/Elvis Presley mystery with a Harry Potter/Terminator twist.
Thanks Bruce—but I don’t think we’ll use these as “people markers” on our mapping website…

posted by ted on Friday, Apr 04, 2008

“If you could kick the person responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for six months.”
Author unknown, cited in “How to Be Totally Miserable: A self-hinder book” by John Bytheway

posted by ted on Sunday, Mar 23, 2008

“One hundred nasty bugs in the code,
One hundred bugs in the code!
Knock one down, re-start again—
One hundred one nasty bugs in the code!

(Repeat until the number of bugs equals zero.)

Adapted from the MC at my daughter’s science fair last night

posted by ted on Friday, Feb 29, 2008

Friend: My doctor says I should eat as much sugar as possible.
Me: Really! Who’s your doctor?
Friend: Oh, [reaching for another cookie] I self-medicate.”
Conversation at a Church fireside tonight

posted by ted on Sunday, Feb 03, 2008

Latest from the Logs

Peruse our latest search logs, from “thin spaces” to “dumb cannons.”

Also previously posted: We’ve got what you’re looking for… or not.

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“Then we program the web site using a fast guy in tights and a movie about coffee.”
Dilbert’s Pointy Haired Boss, explaining the company’s use of Flash and javascript…

posted by ted on Thursday, Jan 17, 2008

Man in wheelchair: You can take that seat.
Man standing up: That’s OK—I’m sitting down all day.
Man in wheelchair (with a broad grin): Me too!”
Overheard on the train this morning. If everybody with challenges (physical or otherwise) accepted them with such grace and good humor, and everybody with fewer challenges were so considerate, what a difference it would make!

posted by ted on Thursday, Dec 06, 2007

posted by rick on Monday, Nov 05, 2007

We’ve got what you’re looking for… or not.

As explored in previous posts, people look for the darndest things on NorthTemple. Here are lots more recent examples:

posted by ted on Friday, Nov 02, 2007

“I’m so lame.”
My wife, apologizing for not running a promised errand for a friend. Unintentionally punny, because she is still in a cast!

posted by ted on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2007

“Three things are certain:
Death, taxes and lost data.
Guess which has occurred.
Another familiar experience in haiku…

posted by ted on Friday, Sep 07, 2007

“First snow, then silence.
This thousand-dollar screen dies
So beautifully.
Technology Haiku (lots more here)

posted by ted on Friday, Sep 07, 2007

“We get eternal stock options on our final retirement.”
Just overheard, on the benefits of Church employment

posted by ted on Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007

Youth is fleeting.
Immaturity can last forever.
Birthday card by Avanti

posted by ted on Saturday, Aug 18, 2007