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“I look at Rob and see a taller, more successful version of myself.”

posted by chris_mayfield on Thursday, Nov 01, 2007

“The essence of good design is knowing when not to add complexity, and Bungie nails that with this game.”
Wired’s Clive Thompson, in Halo 3 Balances Hot New Guns, Old-School Cool, Wired’s review of Halo 3 (psst – it came out today)

posted by jason on Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007

Facinating article in Wired magazine called Halo 3: How Microsoft Labs Invented a New Science of Play. Wired takes a close look at Bungie Studios, the makers of the massively huge Halo video game series, and how the Microsoft-owned company utilizes state of the art usability labs to test their video games. It appears Bungie is following some principles of the agile software development methodology, with constant revision and tweaking in response to an extremely detailed look into how players move through the game. It’s obvious the games would be nothing if not tested this way. Pretty interesting look into how video games are designed and refined.

posted by jason on Saturday, Sep 01, 2007