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posted by ted on Friday, Jan 11, 2008

“You mean that we are fixing our hack that used to fix their data problem, but that doesn’t fix it anymore because they fixed their data?”
DBA in a meeting today, trying to follow the convolutions of the impact of a recent upgrade to an external data source. Broken hacks—they’re not just for browsers anymore!

posted by ted on Friday, Oct 05, 2007

my mbp 40˚f cooler! – Mac Forums ...mine has actually dropped 26˚ so far, and still dropping. Note: use the apple script you can download from page 4 of the forum post (look for a post by user: “Rokem”) rather than the semi-riskier method detailed in the first half of the topic. Oh, and for you who are leery of trying this, rest assured you can easily just reset to default values. That being said, if your MacBook Pro goes up in flames or develops ice crystals it’s your own fault :-)

posted by randy on Monday, Oct 09, 2006