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Here’s what you do when you’re a student in the Belgian town of Leuven. You don a blue plastic poncho alongside 1,499 undergraduates, all standing in line at very long table, on which is placed a bottle of Diet Coke and a Mento. On the count of three, having raised your hood, you drop the mint in the plastic bottle, and 1,500 fountains of sticky drink erupt simultaneously.

posted by aaron on Friday, Apr 25, 2008

Behold your little ones This weekend the User Experience group got together for a team picnic. Yeah… there were lots of kids. 52 in this picture, plus another dozen or so that wouldn’t cooperate due to age (young and old) and another dozen or so not attending.

posted by aaron on Friday, Aug 31, 2007

Working in a Cloister… NOT!

After re-reading my musings on things that are different working here at the Church, I realized some people might get the wrong impression about the atmosphere here—that we walk around all the time chanting “Ohmmm…” or reciting scriptural verses, or witnessing to one another in the hallways. So just to balance things out, here’s a sample of the lighter side of working in our group.

You get to hear about Little People in Foster’s Head. At our off-site, several team members introduced themselves by playing the guitar and singing. I fully expect to see Rob’s original song “Little People in My Head” on iTunes sometime soon—if not on the charts. Serious dude, that was awesome. And Pete better remain your backup singer. Seriously, I was so impressed with the diversity of talents and depth of personality that came out in our last off-site. So much variety, so much talent not just in design, but in Living.

You can wonder why Gilbert nicknamed Jason “Debs.” What’s up with that?

As Tadd once noted, “Lunch is very important to our group.” I’m among the less lunchy crowd myself, but many of us get together often to enjoy food and conversation, whether it’s at “Street Meat” (a taco stand a few blocks away), Thaifoon at the Gateway, Crown Burger across the street, or on rarer occasions Ahh Sushi. Those like Rob or myself, who have had a “bad experience” with raw fish can enjoy Teriyaki chicken or other wimpy cooked food, though this does expose them to public derision from the raw fish eaters on the team (and those likely fakers who only pretend to like the raw stuff in order to impress Tadd).

Laser tag, rock climbing, Dwight Night, and the WII. We have been known on occasion to get together for no other purpose than to have a good time. True, no alcohol is involved, but that’s never been a draw for me anyway.

Again, I’m sure my team mates could think of more to say. So, if you’re wondering what it’s like to work here, it’s both uplifting and fun. That’s a good combination.

posted by ted on Friday, Jun 29, 2007