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Using a CSS Framework in a
Large Organization

So the other day Tadd linked up some work in progress code which hinted that we are using the Blueprint CSS framework in some of our sites under development.

This decision went through many heated debates internally where some were excited for it, and others were repulsed.

So what were the reasons behind the need for looking into a framework?

posted by aaron on Friday, Nov 21, 2008 · 4 comments

Fun cartoon from A List Apart article on design frameworks by Jeff Croft
(art by Kevin Cornell)

But… I wonder if the illustration makes the same point as the article. The fun in snowman-making is in the whole process—creation from scratch! Who wants to put together a snowman kit? Illustration nitpicks aside, good article on how design frameworks, libraries, and best practices can make your design life easier. We’re making slow but steady progress in this direction here at the Church, including an adaptation of Yahoo grids for many web apps.

posted by ted on Thursday, Jun 14, 2007