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New portfolio from Chicago-based We Can’t Stop Thinking. Some beautiful concepts and work despite the sad, tired use of Flash for layout and navigation.

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Nielsen/Norman Group is offering a free report on Rich Internet Applications”. It’s from 2002 and most of the apps reviewed are Flash-based—but hey, it’s free :-) And most of the findings focus on the interaction itself, not the technology. Quick skim looks promising…

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Interestingly enough, the IHam site is surprisingly accessible with Jaws, in spite of the fact that its almost entirely flash. That certainly bodes well for the accessibility of the IHam product.

posted by cannona on Tuesday, Feb 05, 2008

“Then we program the web site using a fast guy in tights and a movie about coffee.”
Dilbert’s Pointy Haired Boss, explaining the company’s use of Flash and javascript…

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Lifehack.org announces their 11 Top New Web Apps of 2007. Interesting how much flash is in the list.

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