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“When you are designing, how much time do you spend in your own head, applying your own perspective, and how much time do you spend in someone else’s mindset? Next time you’re designing, try to spend more of the time outside of your own perspective. Make this into a practice.”
Jeff Moyes shared this post with the UX group at FamilySearch today and what Indie Young wrote at the end really helped refresh how we should approach user experience in our work. Enjoy™

Mental Models: How to Wield Empathy Posted by Indi Young on Rosenfeld.

posted by shane 4 days ago

“The problem with business today isn’t a lack of innovation; it’s a lack of empathy.”
Great quote by Dev Patnaik, cited in a UX Booth article called
Invisible Armor: Protecting Your Empathy at Work.
I enjoyed this (sometimes corny) article and related to a lot of the points.

posted by ted on Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012

“Personas are perhaps the best tool in the user-centered design toolbox for communicating empathy — they feel like real people with real concerns, and when crafted well, can transfer insights realized through research to other members of the project team. [Consequently] I get riled up when I see persona deliverables that diminish the reader’s capacity for empathy.”
the key phrase being, “when crafted well…” . From Adaptive Path.

posted by ted on Friday, Mar 23, 2007