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Hot and graceful jQuery dropcaps

Dropcaps are a staple of magazine and newspaper design, but aren’t always the easiest to implement on the web. Using this little jQuery and CSS tutorial, you can easily add hot little dropcaps to your web articles without bothering your developers. This method will also let you sleep at night knowing your caps will degrade gracefully, displaying just fine in browsers without CSS or JavaScript enabled.

Please note, this tutorial is for those who are familiar with jQuery and CSS. No basics taught here. Also nerd alert.

posted by jason on Tuesday, Dec 02, 2008 · 12 comments

Professor Moll’s Extensible CSS Interface I: The Foundation has been blogged. The four part series will go with our upcoming internal HTML/CSS workshop like jell-o and carrots. Tho hopefully we’ll have fewer nerds who feel a need to call me out on meaningless (yet accurate!) details.

posted by jason on Thursday, Feb 28, 2008

This is a sweet and easy JQuery API browser..

posted by jason on Tuesday, Feb 26, 2008

“Using same corner radius setting for both outer and inner rounded rectangles will create a “lump” corner like an eaten mice in snake’s stomach.”
Adam Betts, on Rounded Rectangle Borders

posted by jason on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2007

A tip from Gilbert: when designing forms with horizontal labels in a liquid layout, prevent your required *’s from wrapping by placing a   (instead of a normal space) between the word and star, like this:

posted by jason on Wednesday, Jan 17, 2007