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Well done Google.

posted by foster on Saturday, Sep 06, 2008

Yesterday Google Chrome was the 10th most used browser on, today (so far) it is 7th. Mind you that is only a few hundred visitors, but still fairly impressive for a < 24 hr old browser.

For no prize what-so-ever… name the other 6 browsers that are beating it… in order please =)

posted by aaron on Wednesday, Sep 03, 2008 · 10 comments

I’m not a lawyer, but dang. The Google Chrome EULA looks highly suspect. Think I’ll stick with Safari.

posted by foster on Wednesday, Sep 03, 2008

Google announced they are making a new web browser called Chrome. Their intent is to simplify, speed up, stabilize and optimize our experience with web apps. And they introduce it with a comic book. I just felt my job get a little harder, did you?

posted by tadd on Monday, Sep 01, 2008 · 4 comments