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Our friend and former colleague Tim Zheng is on the just-announced lineup for Ignite SLC #3, set for August 20. He’ll be giving a finely polished discourse entitled “Chinese People in 5 Minutes.” A few of us hit Ignite #2 earlier this year and loved it. Tim, just be sure to finally answer the question, What does Chinese Dragon eat?

posted by jason on Monday, Aug 03, 2009 · 2 comments

I feel really stupid for not making progress on a silly website when they’re growing grass in the desert in China.

NYTimes – “Dunhuang, an oasis town deep in the Gobi Desert along the famed Silk Road, has become a center of China’s drive to lead the world in wind and solar energy.”

posted by jason on Thursday, Jul 02, 2009

What does Chinese/Eastern Dragon Eat?

GE’s “Dragon” commercial during the Olympics tells us that Eastern dragon eats grass. In my little short Chinese life I have never thought about what dragons eat, simply because dragon is such a holy symbol that it just doesn’t need to eat. Dragon eating grass to me is like Zeus eating fried rice…

So what does dragon eat? We would like to hear your answers.

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Apple opened its first retail store in China today. I’m sure Tim and Christine, our two Chinese team members, would approve. :)
(Photo courtesy of 变脸.)

posted by clifton on Saturday, Jul 19, 2008