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Bad Usability Calendar 2008

The 2008 edition of the Bad Usability Calendar is out and available for download. Go get it.

posted by randy on Monday, Jan 28, 2008

Google Calendar Rocks!

OK, I may be behind the curve here, but I just set up my Google calendar last night—actually my first set of calendars, one for each of the major roles I interact with at Church on Sundays. It was kind of like eating from that proverbial bag of potato chips—I couldn’t have just one!

The background is that I’ve recently been called to serve as an executive secretary serving several local congregations. (This is an unpaid calling, not my full-time job here in Salt Lake.) As such, I’m responsible for scheduling a lot of meetings, not just for myself, but for other very busy people. I thought Google Calendar might be a good way to coordinate.

I haven’t had a chance to “roll out” the calendars to others yet, but even if I just keep it to myself, I think it’s going to save me a ton of time and hassle. My only complaint was that it was not immediately clear how to get started (by signing up for a new Gmail account for each person I wanted to make a calendar for).

Things I like about it:

The most repeated word above is, of course, “Easy”. I’m sure I’m only beginning to discover all the cool ways I can use this tool, but all the coolness is not overwhelming. It’s Easy, and out of the way till I need it.

Just what you’d expect from a Google Calendar, I guess.

posted by ted on Thursday, Aug 09, 2007

Check this Ambient Clock Integrating calendar info into a clock with ambient alerts all while staying simple and easy to read. Brilliant! Now they just need to add more calendar source support.

posted by tadd on Tuesday, Oct 24, 2006