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So, this must be a Jakob Nielsen approved button arrangement. More usable = more ugly? Shouldn’t have to be that way. :)

posted by rick on Friday, Jun 20, 2008

The reason web applications should never break the back button in the browser. For the first month of using Gmail, this was my number one gripe. I eventually got over it, but it took a concerted effort.

posted by foster on Tuesday, Mar 06, 2007

Button Preferences

Just heard about an interesting study on the visual design and placement of buttons. Many of the findings seem in line with internal design guidelines and templates we are developing, so I was glad to get some external confirmation. While the study dealt only with user preference (not performance), some of the findings were strong enough that they may be worth considering as a starting point. For example, when shown samples of buttons of different styles, study participants preferred:

The research did not look at other design details such as button borders, fonts, 3-D effects, and so forth. And of course many other site-specific factors play into button design—history, branding, other visual elements, etc. But maybe these tips would be a good place to start if you’re building from scratch.


More study details:

PS—Thanks to John for Typesetting Tip #2, which came in handy several times in composing this post :-]

posted by ted on Monday, Oct 23, 2006