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When I first started reading this review of the Blackberry Bold, the home screen UI looked promising. But the further you scroll down and the deeper you dive into the OS, it starts feeling too much like File System Land.

It’s almost as if the designers only had time to make a good-looking home screen so that the phone would sell well (and meet the obligatory marketing requirement of looking iPhone-ish). The rest of the phone’s OS ungracefully degrades the further you explore.
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Turning the Blackberry into a Hackberry—go grab MidpSSH and hack into your server from your Blackberry or other mobile device. (via jesse)

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“Is ‘kid hugging’ time where it should be in proportion to ‘Blackberry checking’ time?”
From Merlin’s top 5 super-obvious, ‘no-duh’ ways to immediately improve your life

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