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Reshaping Beijing – the Egg, the Boxer and the Dragon

Since we are all reading a book written by an architect, maybe it is a good idea to supply some real life examples—architectural monuments in Beijing.

Magnificent or magnificently ugly? It is your call. FYI, the locals gave them those nickname above.

posted by tim on Saturday, Jul 12, 2008

posted by tim on Monday, Mar 31, 2008

One of few logos that I absolutely adore. Read more about it on Wikipedia. It is accurate, approved by me, 100% Made in China. BTW, I like WalMart because it makes me feel like home.

posted by tim on Thursday, Jan 24, 2008

An elegant blend of classic Chinese culture and modern technology..2008 Beijing Olympics Torch Just something you won’t find at local Walmart.

posted by tim on Thursday, Jan 24, 2008