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Thou shalt not steal.

Thanks to the wonders of twitter, my favorite scaling Ruby on Rails app, I was notified this morning by Jesse Newland’s twitter that Matt Haughey’s new site Fortuitous was strangely similar to Northtemple.

From the twitterfoo of Jesse:

kinda sketched out by how much rips off

Sure, we didn’t invent the “footer-as-masthead” concept. Our own Cameron Moll has written beautifully about Nodes of Inspiration and how closely we all come to stealing or borrowing ideas.

But a quick glance at Matt’s source code reveals what we like to call copy/paste detection, not only borrowing Randy Hall’s excellent CSS hacks for making that PNG fade correctly in IE, but they even copied his comments:

/* transparent png hack for ie */

Jesse calls for an “about page mention” for our (Randy Hall, Gilbert Lee, and Jason Lynes) work, to which Matt responds with a Twitter private message (the fact that this all occurred over Twitter fascinates me):

regarding the “ripped off” I mention it here:, I liked their basic layout but didn’t copy any code or images

To his credit, Matt does include a bit (a very, very small bit) on his post over at awholelottanothing which has provided a trickle of traffic to NT today. It’s no “about page mention”, but we’ll take what we can, right?

See for yourself. The new Fortuitous:

And the current Northtemple:

Of course, imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I do see it as a compliment.

Plus, we are all commanded to forgive.

So Matt, you are forgiven. No seriously, we’re honored.

(In other news, keep your eyes open for a brand new Northtemple design in the next few days.)

posted by jason on Tuesday, May 01, 2007