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Funnel Wall in Dresden, via Scott Berkun. When it rains, it pours music! Fun design concept, but I’m glad I don’t live in the neighborhood.

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“No fair! You get to come here every week?”
“I want to live here…”
“Wow. Woah! WOOOW!!!”
Top three quotes from my kids at the Draper Temple Open House tonight, from my 9 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old respectively. The final quote was especially memorable because it was pronounced quite loudly in the Celestial Room, a sacred space where silence or whispers are the norm. But somehow I think God smiled and accepted the compliment.

Less important, but maybe more to the purpose of this blog, the design of the building was wonderful. It is striking from the outside, but it was the interior that shone brightest. I loved the reintroduction of murals into the ordinance rooms, something I have always appreciated about the Salt Lake Temple. I also thought the Celestial Room was wonderful. The room is so much taller than it is wide in either direction that your eye is almost inexorably drawn up to the gorgeous chandelier and then to heaven.

Reservations are still available; come see for yourself. Everyone is welcome, member or not.

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“The art of architecture is really the art of constraint. It’s the art of compromise in many ways. It’s not about a brilliant man or woman working in his or her studio and producing a design and then getting it built. It’s about negotiating a whole series of constraints or challenges, whether those have to do with budget or site or the community.”
Christopher Hawthorne, architecture critic, quoted in an interesting NPR piece on modern museum architecture. This reminded me about a great design discussion we had sometime last year about Bryan Lawson’s great book, How Designers Think. Negotiating that series of constraints and challenges is hard… but FUN! Rob mentioned this same concept as he worked with me on some map icons that needed to work well on widely varied map backgrounds in a 10X10 pixel space. (Thanks Rob!)

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This is my new favorite site as of late. The design of the site itself is not terribly impressive, but the content is fantastic. Great design inspiration.

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Reshaping Beijing – the Egg, the Boxer and the Dragon

Since we are all reading a book written by an architect, maybe it is a good idea to supply some real life examples—architectural monuments in Beijing.

Magnificent or magnificently ugly? It is your call. FYI, the locals gave them those nickname above.

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Sansovino Library
Find some inspiration at Curious Expeditions’ Compendium of Beautiful Libraries
(via Top of the Mountains)

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