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Burned out? From this week’s A List Apart article by Scott Boms:

You may be flirting with burnout if:

  • Every day is a bad day
  • You are no longer emotionally invested in your job or the work you’re doing
  • You feel unappreciated or do not feel like you’re making a difference in your job
  • There is a clear disconnect between your personal values and what is expected of you
  • Self-defined goals or those imposed on you are unrealistic or unreasonable
  • A significant amount of your day is focused on tasks that are not fulfilling on a personal or emotional level

See the full article for a well-written look at how burnout happens and what to do about it.

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Excellent piece by Andy Rutledge in today’s ALA on Contrast and Meaning, which includes the above illustration of the primary forms of contrast. I love this subject, which Rutledge says “can pay healthy dividends in your design work.”

posted by jason on Tuesday, Apr 24, 2007