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The Crew

There are now 24 Interaction Designers working for the Church. Twenty four! Our group meeting yesterday was one of the rare times where everyone was there so we took this impromptu picture:

The Crew

From left to right: Tim Zheng, Randy Hall, Aaron Cannon, Sam Grigg, Matt Miller, Todd Erickson, Ted Boren, Rob Foster, Pete Lasko, Tadd Giles (“Is that a lady shirt?”) Ben Willis, Derek Caswell, John Dilworth, Cameron Moll, Rob Thomas, Ray Davis, Paul Vaughn, Jason Lynes, Gilbert Lee, Kaleb Tracy (really short), Brian Sweeting, Chris Mayfield, Aaron Barker, Clifton Labrum (really short).

We’ve had a lot of new designers lately so let me introduce them here: Kaleb Tracy started at the beginning of the year. He hails from Michigan. He was a film student at BYU and is friends with Napoleon Dynamite and Jared Hess. It’s true. “I love technology…”   Ray Davis was a consultant for us for about six months and we recently hired him full-time. He has some great stories of entrepreneurship that you need to hear someday. Pete Lasko started two months ago from a company here in Utah. We met him in one of our Tech Talks. He said he’s gonna bike to work from Heber sometime soon and still be on time for work. Did you hear that Jason? On time! Clifton Labrum started about a month ago from a company here in Salt Lake as well. Clifton is just always ready to spring to whatever. Super nice guy. Oh, and he blogs. (Clifton, are you ever going to forgive me about that first interview?) Sam Grigg started a couple of weeks ago. He is a recent grad of University of Utah. He said he has Barry Manilow in his iTunes. Did I remember that right?

Three new interns also started in the last two weeks. Aaron Cannon is studying Actuarial Sciences at the University of Iowa. He moved his family from Iowa to have his internship over here! He has been blind since birth and is here to kick our butt on accessibility of our web sites and web applications. He also said he wants a 30” monitor. Woot! Derek Caswell is studying at BYU and is here for the summer. He is our suspender guy :) Tim Zheng is a native of Hong Kong, China and is also studying at BYU. I’m definitely glad I have a co-Asian in the group. It’s like Rush Hour. He’s Jackie Chan and I’m Chris Tucker.

We also have two new hires who are coming in the next few weeks. Rick Moore from Salt Lake and Albert Candari who is moving from Hawaii! We can’t wait!

There are also a few freelancers that we work with on some of our projects. We hope someday they will join our team as well. They’re awesome.

To finish off, some additional information about our group:

So anyweys…we are continually hiring Interaction Designers (associate, mid-level, and senior). If you think you got the chops, apply for our team and come join the fun. Peace out.

posted by gilbert on Wednesday, May 23, 2007