Outsourcing Your IT Support & Services

With how technology is growing at a fast pace and becoming more involved in businesses and organizations, at times it can become too overwhelming to control. For companies, this can become a problem as they need to produce fast results or they risk losing funds and shutting down. Businesses have the opportunity to outsource to other companies to help them reduce the hassle.  One of the common jobs to outsource is IT support. Long-standing experts from CitC UK say that one of the biggest advantages to outsourcing your IT support is the amount of time you’ll save. That will further allow you to focus on running your business instead of stressing out over an IT hiccup.

Reduced Costs

Businesses have to find ways to cut costs that will not impact the quality of service that they provide. When outsourcing IT support and services businesses will no longer have to hire employees that specialize in IT support and services. Hiring and training in-house IT support employees can be costly, especially when hiring highly-educated and experienced workers.

Buying the hardware for the IT support itself can also be expensive as businesses will have to provide funds to maintain and upgrade the technology out of their own pockets. Outsourcing IT support can remove all of that hassle. Businesses will not have to worry about hiring IT specialized employees as it is the responsibility of the service provider. It is also a service provider's job to maintain and update hardware without any extra cost to the businesses. As a bonus, companies would only have to pay for what they need without worrying about having more than is needed and wasting money on it.

Experienced Workers

Qualified does not always mean experienced, and finding the right person to control such sensitive hardware can be time-consuming and laborious. Even if the right candidate is found, it can take some time until the new employee learns the code of conduct and gets integrated into the team. In some cases, businesses even have to replace IT support employees if their work is not up to the firm's standard and expectations. However, by outsourcing IT services, companies will never have to worry about finding or training the right person. Businesses can feel confident that their service provider will hire only the best in the field to work with them. That could be helpful, especially if the business is new to using IT support services and employees have many questions regarding the new provider and their functions.

Increased Security

Having reliable security is essential to protecting sensitive data and information. Without a high-end security system, hackers can easily find a way through the firewall to access the sensitive information. The security breach not only puts the business in danger and lowers their credibility, but in the case of a data breach, it could also potentially harm customers and other companies associated with them.

With an in-house IT support team, even if they are experienced, there is a higher risk of mistakes or breach in data as they try to settle and accommodate to the business. It can also be pricey to buy and maintain a third-party security software. IT service providers have their own implemented security system that encrypts and protects sensitive information from hackers. Plus, the service providers maintain and upgrade the security system without an extra charge to the business as the security plan is typically included in the price businesses pay.

Access to New Technologies

In order for businesses to thrive, they need to keep up with the ever-changing technological advances. It is vital to stay up-to-date on technology and hardware or the business is at risk of falling behind and being inhibited by outdated technology. They are also at risk of having their data breached or having bugs in the system which can ultimately slow down the overall productivity. Businesses that have their own IT support team would be responsible for making sure the hardware is up-to-date or whether the old one needs to be replaced. This can be both tedious and dangerous, especially if the in-house IT support team is still new or not experienced enough to understand how to upgrade software. An outsourced IT support team is responsible for updating and maintaining technology and hardware as it comes out without risking the business or charging them extra. It is their responsibility to keep their software current or they risk losing a customer and letting sensitive data be breached.

Focus on Business

By no longer having to worry about training and supporting an in-house IT support team, business owners can focus on improving other aspects of their firm. They can focus on:

  • Training current employees
  • Making partnerships with other businesses
  • Expanding their size
  • Obtaining new customers
  • Advertising to promote themselves

Growing the business is vital to keeping it alive and strong, and with too many distractions the business is at risk of falling. Having one less thing to worry about can divert the focus to where it is needed the most.

Levels the Playing Field

Smaller businesses cannot always afford to support an in-house IT support team like big businesses can, especially if they are new to the business world. But by outsourcing, they are able to stand alongside their bigger competitors. Just like with bigger businesses, small ones can buy the service size they need and use the money and time they saved to become competitors on an equal level to big businesses. If smaller businesses want to survive, they will need to outsource where they can so they too have the chance to grow and develop.


By outsourcing your IT services and support you are not only helping your business grow, but you are also creating a trusted service and community with high-end technology and security at no extra cost to you.