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Sometimes we get lost talking about possible solutions and need a wake-up smack down. (Original at xkcd.)

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The latest design for lds.org just went beta. This release represents some long hours, lots of iteration and effort by everyone on the project team and we’d love to hear your feedback.

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Listed amongst the nominees for Best Animated Film is this gem of a movie that I’m now dying to see: The Secret of Kells. Illuminated manuscripts and killer animation, I’m there!

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Alec Garrard has made an amazing scale model of Herod’s temple over the past 30 years. Every piece, including over 4,000 figures, is hand-crafted.

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Looking for some cool posters for the kids, I ran across Real Hero Posters. After showing the initial 12 posters by the talented Steve Nethercott to the kids we, mostly, agreed that Helaman (bottom middle) was our fav.

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The trailer for Gary Hustwit’s next film Objectified hit the interwebs today. I really enjoyed Helvetica (twice at screenings and on DVD several times) and am looking forward to enjoying this one as well.

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What happens when a dragon and a demon go head-to-head in a guitar duel

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Last night I saw a couple of commercials for Smoker Man! Nice treatment of showing how smoking can impact one’s ability to fly. I think he’d choose invisibility.

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Typeface is a new documentary about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Wonder if we can get a screening in SLC?

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Fluid or Fixed?

Our team today had a long email thread today about the benefits of fluid vs. fixed layouts. Consensus appears to be to do what is best for the project.

So here’s a question for our readers: What do you think? Fluid or fixed? Why—or why not? And does anyone know of a css framework that allows a mix of the two?

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I’m a big fan of Hulu. As a non-cable subscriber, it’s one of the ways I watch the cool shows. I’m also a big Burn Notice fan. This small production mistake is killing me.

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“We all have talents and gifts, everyone of us. The bounds of creativity extends far beyond the limits of a canvas or a sheet of paper and do not require a brush, a pen or the keys of a piano.”
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, on creativity in tonight’s General Relief Society Broadcast.

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For Pete

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“There could be wisdom in something stupid.”
John Dilworth (in our team Design Review today.)

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Nothing’s as easy as it appears to be.

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