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posted by emmy on Saturday, Dec 01, 2007

Advanced Scrapbooking with Photoshop CS3
Hmm, maybe I could scrapbook.

posted by emmy on Thursday, Nov 08, 2007

A beautiful concept laptop using holographic technology from Vaio.

posted by emmy on Thursday, Nov 08, 2007

“I can’t be bad because Heavenly Father made me,” said Optimus. “You can choose to be good, too, it’s your choice.” he told Megatron.”
A conversation overheard between my four-year-old and six-year-old as they played Transformers. It’s always good to know that family home evening lessons are being remembered.

posted by emmy on Sunday, Nov 04, 2007

Thanks to Michelle, my macbook has a fever! Speck’s SeeThru laptop cover offers 74 bottom vents, keeping the Macbook a cool 104 degrees. Seven color choices are available, including my favorite, pink.

posted by emmy on Friday, Nov 02, 2007

“I have a much easier time designing a typeface once I can imagine how it will exist on the page. ...I spent several fruitless weeks coming up with sketches for the Guardian until we stopped thinking so hard about how we wanted it to look, and started to focus on what it needed to do.”
An interview with Christian Schwartz in MyFont’s October newsletter

posted by emmy on Thursday, Oct 18, 2007

“When I create interfaces for clients, I ask for feedback on everything. I want to be edited, I want that push-back because it makes the design better, which is the only goal. (but, of course, it makes me better too). It’s amazing how many times we end up scratching something that was in the original interface because we realized that it’s just not providing core value.

Without an editing step, you don’t get to the point where you ask ‘is this really necessary?’. You never get to ‘but is this providing core value that we can’t live without?’. In addition, without an editing phase you improve much, much slower. Without editing you start drinking your own kool-aid.”
from Joshua Porter’s Interfaces need Editors

posted by emmy on Wednesday, Oct 17, 2007

A round watermelon can take up a lot of room in a refrigerator and the usually round fruit often sits awkwardly on refrigerator shelves.

Japanese farmers have forced their watermelons to grow into a square shape by inserting the melons into square, tempered glass cases while the fruit is still growing on the vine.

posted by emmy on Thursday, Oct 11, 2007

Adobe Photoshop CS3 for the iPhone, from DF

posted by emmy on Monday, Sep 24, 2007

My six-year-old presented this picture to me of a treasure map. She had created a linear map of our house, the neighbor’s house, their basement door, the playroom door, and the treasure box. Her unique concept from a child’s perspective of a time-line based map made me pause and think of my approach to standard features, such as navigation. Are there unique ways that could provide a better layout in our designs? My daughter had a long roll of paper, rather than an 8×11” piece of paper, that might have inspired or influenced her map. Do system constraints or old business processes determine our designs and can we see pass them to provide a better user experience?

posted by emmy on Saturday, Sep 01, 2007

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”
quote from Pablo Picasso in Pottery Barn’s office furniture catalog.

posted by emmy on Monday, Aug 27, 2007

For those using electrical tape and velcro to conceal their cords, a more aesthetically pleasing method might be Pottery Barn’s Smart Technology furniture that reduces cord clutter.

posted by emmy on Monday, Aug 27, 2007