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You know who you are. You’re probably geeking out in jQuery as you’re reading this. If you can slice up a PSD, write clean and accessible markup, and javascript my face off – We Need You Yesterday.

We’re looking for 2 front-end developers (expert in HTML/CSS/Javascript). The contract is for 3 months in the Salt Lake City area and starts immediately. If you’re good, we might just keep you.

Send me an email with your resume and some examples of your work. Now get to it!

craig . hobson @ ldschurch . org

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As I was perusing through my RSS feeds this morning over a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch – I found the NorthTemple design featured over on Nettuts as one of 35 Wonderful Website Headers.

Hi-5 to Jason!

Go check out the others- there are some gems.

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A post from Ryan Sims audio tumble. He takes a song and produces some great typography to portray the meaning of the song while using the color scheme from the album cover. The above is a line from Along the Road” by Radical Face

Good Design. Good Music.

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“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.”
Eric Meyer, after explaining the greatly sought after power of advanced selectors in CSS3. (six revisions)

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“Does this bother anyone else? I feel like an embarrassed second grader who just pooped his pants.” – me

My instant reaction after viewing jQuery’s recent redesign

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Just 1 of 200 daily monster videos by Stefan Bucher : I think it’s rad.

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