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posted by cameron on Monday, Oct 27, 2008

Obsessions Make My Life Worse and My Work Better, an 8-day project by Sagmeister Inc., involved more than 100 volunteers and 250,000 euro cents (€2,500). Within 20 hours, the police called in a cleaning company and swept away the temporary installation.

posted by cameron on Wednesday, Oct 22, 2008

Commands, a series of 3 digital prints by Christopher David Ryan.

posted by cameron on Friday, Oct 17, 2008

“A ‘perfectionist’ and a ‘purist’ are not the same person. The perfectionist seeks to do everything to the best of their ability against standards that are often set higher than average. The purist, on the other hand, seeks to adhere to some set of rules that are written for conditions in a world wherein Tom Cruise is taller and a lot less creepy, and every morning the box of Trix is full and fresh without all those lame crumb particles at the bottom of the box.”
Greg Storey recounting an incident between (perfectionist) Dan Cederholm and a (purist) follower of Dan

posted by cameron on Thursday, Oct 09, 2008

Some candid shots from yesterday’s brainstorming meeting for upcoming improvements. Notice Gilbert’s head conveniently positioned away from me in both shots. A dramatically improved experience for General Conference (in an Asian langage, can’t remember which) sits on the screen in the second shot.

posted by cameron on Wednesday, Oct 01, 2008 · 1 comment

Apple : “We have decided to drop the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for released iPhone software…. [T]he NDA has created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success, so we are dropping it for released software…. Please note that unreleased software and features will remain under NDA until they are released.”

posted by cameron on Wednesday, Oct 01, 2008

Microsoft and Nokia are adopting jQuery as part of their official application development platform. “This means that jQuery will be distributed with Visual Studio (which will include jQuery intellisense, snippets, examples, and documentation).... This [also] means that jQuery will be distributed on all Nokia phones that include the [WebKit-based] web run-time.”

posted by cameron on Monday, Sep 29, 2008

The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam argues that visual thinking is one of the most effective ways to “tackle tough business problems.” (Video ‘C’ on the home page is particularly interesting.)

posted by cameron on Thursday, Sep 25, 2008

Avast! Keep yer office maties from stealin’ grub with Anti-Theft Lunch Bag.

posted by cameron on Friday, Sep 19, 2008

“For love is divine, and then most divine when it loves according to needs and not according to merits.
George MacDonald, Unspoken Sermons

posted by cameron on Saturday, Aug 30, 2008

Aaron Cannon’s Web Accessibility Checklist in German.

posted by cameron on Thursday, Aug 21, 2008

northtemple journal of design  ~  August Issue

Beethoven's Heiligenstadt Testament: <br/> A Study in Capability vs. Capacity

Reflecting on perhaps one of the greatest works of Beethoven’s career, Cameron finds an answer to the question, “What does it take to go from good designer to great designer?”

posted by cameron on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 · 10 comments

Mobile experts reply to the question, Will the mobile web dominate the future of the internet? I’m surprised how many of us say something similar, that the future of the web is ubiquity, which includes mobile but isn’t necessarily limited to “mobile.”

posted by cameron on Wednesday, Jul 23, 2008

No surprises here: Jonathan Ive had a hand in the design of Eve, Wall-E co-star. “A call from [director Andrew] Stanton to Jobs in 2005 resulted in Johnny Ive, Apple’s behind-the-scenes design guru, driving across the San Francisco Bay to Pixar’s converted warehouse headquarters to spend a day consulting on the Eve prototype.” Via DO.

posted by cameron on Thursday, Jul 03, 2008

Andy Rutledge: The Employable Web Designer. I’m still reading through this myself, but first glance tells me much of this aligns well with the idea of “generalist” designers.

posted by cameron on Thursday, Jun 26, 2008

BusinessWeek: Moving to the Mobile Web. Jessie Scanlon’s article on the current state of the mobile web and iPhone’s influence on it. (Somehow my name slipped into this article a few times.)

posted by cameron on Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008

“In any project, the text itself will have its own tone, rhythm and meaning. It’s our job to provide it with a stage on which to sing. Typography serves the spirit of the text, bringing it before an audience, and then quietly fading into the background as the reader delves into the meaning.”
Jon Tan, The Paragraph in Web Typography & Design

posted by cameron on Monday, Jun 23, 2008

MagCloud. Think of it as Lulu for magazines. Additional details over at Derek Powazek’s site. (Also notable, this is the first logo I’ve seen to use Archer.)

posted by cameron on Tuesday, Jun 17, 2008

A snippet from Aaron Cannon’s presentation here at LDS headquarters, November 2007.

posted by cameron on Thursday, Jun 12, 2008

“There is a marked difference between the introspection that focuses on ‘How did I do?’ and the introspection that asks, ‘Did I do enough?’”
Neal A. Maxwell, All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience

posted by cameron on Thursday, Jun 05, 2008