North Temple is the online mark of a group of designers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We’re located in Salt Lake City, Utah, building a family of public-facing websites and internal web applications. And we’re hiring.


We are a group of designers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. To contact us, shoot an email to contact [at] northtemple [dot] com. is not an official publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The websites linked, opinions expressed, quotes cited, and articles written do not express the views of the Church. The authors bear sole responsibility for the content.

The Designers

  • Jason Lynes Jason Lynes. A recent transplant into SLC, I hail from the east coast—Athens, Georgia to be exact. I joined the team here in September 2005, and I continue to have a blast devoting 100% of my time to design. I’m a former college radio celebrity, amateur freestyle BMX rider, reigning staff Halo champion, caffeine addict, and believer in the eternal principles of crowdctrl.
  • Randy Hall Randy Hall. I’m originally from Page, AZ, and currently live in Spanish Fork, UT, with my wife and four kids. We’ve done our share of moving around the country and are glad to be settling down for now in Utah. My work experience is varied, with experience in design and development working for everything from small web startups to large Fortune 500 corporations. I enjoy visual design, interaction design, and even heads-down coding, but most of all I enjoy making life easier and simpler for users.

    I started work as an Interaction Designer for the User Experience Group at the church in May 2006. Since then I have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. I was pleasantly surprised from day one to find cutting-edge work and truly innovative thinking going on inside this organization. I didn’t expect to find that environment in working for the church, but I’m very glad to see it. I look forward to realizing the potential of such a great team with the challenges and opportunities we encounter in the future.
  • Tadd Giles Tadd Giles. I’m overhead. As the Director of User Experience for the Church’s IT department, I’m responsible for the Interaction Design team. I’m currently focused on hiring great people, enabling our team to get more work done and introducing Interaction Design to more of the work we do at the Church. This group of designers is capable of some extraordinary things and I’m anxious for you to see the results of their work in the coming months.
  • John Dilworth John Dilworth. I joined the team of Interaction Designers here on North Temple in February of 2006. Since then I’ve discovered the beauty of reading on the bus, agile web development, and that wearing a suite and tie once in a while isn’t such a bad thing (that’s right — I only have to wear it once in a while). I’m currently working on the Church’s public facing sites along with design superstar Gilbert Lee. In my spare time, I’m working on completing a Master’s degree (MFA) in computer arts, trying to keep up with all sorts of computer geekery, running a couple websites (, and enjoying time with my wife and two children at our home in Ogden, UT.
  • Ted Boren Ted Boren. I have been working for the LDS Church for a couple of years now, first as an information architect, now as an interaction designer for web applications. When I left my job as a usability engineer at Microsoft in march 2003, I told my co-workers in a mass e-mail that my new job didn’t pay quite as well, but that the benefits were out of this world. Still true today.
  • Paul Vaughn Paul Vaughn. So I left the world of high-stress design on the East Coast to come work in a decidedly different enviroment. See The road not taken by Frost. I’m a father of three, husband to one :), and ride my bike in these beautiful mountains everyday. “Destroy Visual Pollution” has been and always will be my mantra.
  • Aaron Barker Aaron Barker. As of this writing, I’m the newbie of the group joining in August 2006. My main ID experience comes from working at Sprint PCS in their User Experience Design department for a few years. I love living in Utah with my wife, baby boy and two dogs. I enjoy photography and generally being a geek.
  • Matt Miller Matt Miller. I’ve been in this role since July of 2005. What I am still amazed by is the diversity and complexity of the organiztion. Very few organizations, including fortune 500 corporations, are as international as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This presents great opportunities if you’re into complex challenges begging for good design.

    I’ve also come to realize that here on the interaction design team I’m just average for the group. Average age, average weight, average at design, average at analysis, average at coding. But when you’re on a team as outstanding as this average is pretty good and the bar is continually raised. In this case even being average is a great position to be in.
  • Rob Thomas Rob Thomas. I found myself on North Temple in September of 2005. My journey has taken me to many places and more than a decade of web experiences lay at my hands. I look back on that journey and see the molding of skills and character, the cultivation of inherent personality traits and talents that now afford me the opportunity to be engaged in the Work here at North Temple. Design is my passion and the outdoors my life. I enjoy sharing these loves with my family and breathe as often as I can.
  • Chris Mayfield Chris Mayfield. I joined the team in December of 06 spending the previous 7 years at Humaniz under various roles. I grew up in Santa Maria California, surfing and playing beach volleyball. I moved to Utah and picked up a wife, 3 kids (all girls) Wake boarding and fitness. I enjoy design projects around the house like sculpting the yard, interior design, photography, and dreaming of dropping a turbo in my mazda. Design for the web continues to be exciting to me as I learn from the challenges and issues that each project brings. I am excited to work with such a great team of talented and inspiring interaction designers and have been very impressed with their processes and passion to do things right.
  • Bea Rigby Bea Rigby. I joined the project in August ‘06 and the team a few months later. My emphasis is business analysis—basically take my assignment as anything I can do to make the project successful. Outside of work I read and write, make baby quilts, and plan expensive trips…
  • Ray Davis Ray Davis. I hail from the great city of Kaysville, Utah. Born and bred a true blooded Utahn (although I am not a BYU fan, sorry). I drag 5 kids to and from church every Sunday and my wife says it is all my fault. I am and will forever be a pushover for my three girls. I came to work here through a different path. It seemed that Interaction Design hit me full force in the face and then stuck there without any signs of leaving. It has been a huge wake up call. Like seeing something new and exciting for the first time and knowing that this is what I want to do. I keep getting that wake up call every day. I love it, absolutely love it.
  • Rob Foster Rob Foster. Hi there. My name is Rob Foster. I joined the group after they found me under a rock in the Arizona desert. I like ice cream, puppies and long walks on the beach. I like to turn user experience frowns upside down.
  • Clifton Labrum Clifton Labrum. I joined the Interaction Design team in April of 2007 and it’s fantastic. I have spent much of my life in Utah and am now settling down in North Salt Lake with my eternal honey. I blog over at fusionfox. I like design and my favorite color is light tan. My lifelong quest is to discover who let the dogs out.
  • Pete Lasko Pete Lasko. Pete Lasko. Prefers TextMate to BBEdit, Ruby to PHP, Cervelo to Trek, Helvetica to Univers. His greatest physical accomplishment is finishing the Utah Half Iron Triathlon last August. His only goal in life is to finish an Ironman, climb 5.13, start a rock band with its own fanbase:, and some day live walking distance from a nice, consistent beach break.
  • Rick Moore Rick Moore. Let’s talk about Rick. What if we say say he’s just a simple guy looking only to live happily, love his wife and two daughters, drive too fast, play his music too loud, spend all night pounding on a keyboard in the darkness, eat lots of apples, attend tons of meetings, and read scores of e-mails, all while serving the Lord with the greatest bunch of guys and gals he could have ever dreamed of working with. That is all.
  • Emmy Southworth Emmy Southworth. I come from a land of homemade bread, hand sewn clothing, flower arrangements, and carpools. With a roast in the oven, the laundry folded, and the baby napping, I discovered the world of web design and a use for my dusty art degree. Five years later, I found myself here at North Temple involved in an inspired work of design and incredible lunches. In my free time, I enjoy traveling abroad and gardening in my little corner of Earth.
  • sam grigg sam grigg. I’ve been working with the IxD group since May 2007. I feel humbled and inspired by the talent I work beside every day. When not being simultaneously humbled and inspired (inspumbled), I run, bike, quote movies and hang out with my wife and son.
  • Joel Dehlin Joel Dehlin. I don’t know CSS or XHTML. I don’t know how to make my picture b&w. I don’t know the difference between Photoshop, Firefly and Notepad. I’ve never driven a Volkswagen. My only turtleneck is too small for me. I can’t take pictures worth a bean. I’ve read Cooper, 37signals and other consequential stuff, but I’m stuck with design-envy. I sure love the guys (and gals) from NorthTemple, though!