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I read Jakob Nielsen’s latest AlertBox today, and wondered—even with all his caveats—what planet he lives on, suggesting that content sites should quiz their users to improve retention. I can’t see that working for any but a fraction of educational and maybe training sites. Unless maybe it was a user-initiated link: “Want to remember this tomorrow? Take a quiz!” (Which most users would probably ignore or find annoying anyway.)

On the up-side, the article contained a link to an older and more palatable article on the first rule of usability: Don’t listen to users (meaning watch and listen, don’t just listen).

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The Sartorialist is fashion blog run by blogger/photographer Scott Schumann out of New York. I like the “out of the box” thinking he has. The video touches on art, fashion and doing what you like. Awesome.

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“Do you like to ski and eat chocolate?”
Tantalizing first sentence of an Information Architect job posting for the UN in Switzerland. Got my attention!

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“Parallel & Iterative Design + Competitive Testing = High Usability”
Title equation from an interesting
article on usability and design process.
Nielsen makes it sound so easy…

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Armin from Brand New posted last month a very interesting two part article of the best and worst identities of 2010:
The Best and Worst Identities of 2010, Part I: The Worst
The Best and Worst Identities of 2010, Part II: The Best

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We’re looking for designers to help create the websites and applications of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Preferred Skills:

Examples of our websites:




Joseph Smith Papers.org

LDS Gospel Library for Mobile

LDS Mobile Tools *


Please apply online at https://careers.ldschurch.org/ for job ID#60463 (contract) or job ID# 60457 (full time). Note: an LDS Account is required to view jobs.

Please direct questions to [email protected]

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An interesting Top 10 List of Research-Based Usability Findings from Jeff Sauro’s “Measuring Usability” site. (I like his site, though I think it somewhat overemphasizes the importance of objective measures. So much of what is learned during a usability test, especially regarding potential solutions, is subjective and not easily measured…)

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