The music section on the Church website exists as a tool for music education and music consumption. It is designed to be a resource for individual members, those serving in music callings, and the general public. Training and information on the website will assist both new and experience musicians understand or refine fundamental principles and techniques. This section will also provide concise and inspirational information about music official policies, music in Church meetings, music in the home, and music in our personal lives. The current music section is one of the Church’s most-used online resources and contains a great deal of quality information. This content however, is difficult to navigate and consume and thus renders the tool more a novelty than an efficient resource and tool. The major goal of the redesign for 3.0 is that this tool be enhanced and refined into a powerful, interactive instrument, assisting in the discovery of music, development of talents, and strengthening of testimonies.

posted by Wade Preston Shearer on Thursday, Aug 26, 2010