All available church music will be cataloged in a database, tagged and indexed for efficient searching and retrieval. Where permissible by copyright and resources, each song shall be accompanied by a Finale score file, sheet music (PDF), the sound track (MP3), the sound track with vocals (MP3), a MIDI file, and guitar tab (PDF).

The library will provide a gallery to browse books, collections, and playlists. A global search will allow users to query the database for songs against title, topics, scriptures, artist, lyricist, meter, and tune name. Search results will be a dynamic, unnamed playlist. Selected songs may be played in batch or added to playlists (new or existing). Playlists may be sort, shuffled, and narrowed through dynamic source lists. Individual songs may be played, downloaded (sheet music and audio file), and loaded individually for additional features (such as the interactive player) directly from any playlist. Individual songs will include an interactive sheet music player (as available), pagination (through current playlist), sharing and download options, meta information, related video performance and training resources, lyrics, and a historical summary.

posted by Wade Preston Shearer on Thursday, Aug 26, 2010