Here’s a glimpse of us at work. We meet each morning for a design review, printing out our work from the day before, and run it through the gauntlet. The team works together to ensure consistency and feeds off of each other’s ideas. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of any parts would could produce on our own. Once designs are flushed out and approved, they are moved out into the hallway for reference for us and for content and development teams after hand-off.

To the side of our meeting space, we have a row of desks with low dividers that allow of instantaneous and effective collaboration. Our developers and content teams are immediately down the hall and across the cubicle wall. Physical proximity, tactile, analog conversations and design explorations, and being surrounded by our product is crucial for a project of this scale.

posted by Wade Preston Shearer on Wednesday, Jun 23, 2010
tagged with design review, collaboration